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Marketing Growth Strategy»'s mission is to help our clients grow a healthy brand, create engagement from their audience and enhance their brand image and value. We believe in our client's potential to be leaders in their fields and in order to help them achieve their goals we provide a variety of services to position them on top of the industry in terms of branding, exposure, engagement & authority in the market. With over 8 years of experience, our young and dedicated team of creatives and experts are here to take your brand to the next level.


visual content is crucial for your success as a brand to attract, increase your customer engagement, sales & authority. Our team of photographers, graphic designers and videographers will create taylored visual campaigns, promotionnal merchandise where effectiveness and results are put to the forefront.

Online advertising

Online marketing is a powerful tool to develop your brand to millions of people one click at a time.Increase your customer base, build strong email lists with active prospects and become a leader on social media with our social media campaigns, sponsored contents and traffic sources.

Web Development

Every powerful business needs a platform where their customers can connect with the brand, see the evolution and interact with their services or product. We can help you build the website of your dreams, your new app or e-commerce platform.

Product Placement

Influencers are more and more on demands when it comes to promote a service or product because they offer a direct access to your niche customers and the right exposure that comes with it. We help you connect with the right influencers, medias, venues, blogs and services that'll take your brand to the next level.

about us

MGS is a digital and content marketing firm that is constantly evolving and innovating the world of advertising as we know it. Our team of creatives and experts are selectionned for their ability to adapt to any environment, type of product, type of content and especially every type of brand. What sets us appart is the educationnal value we bring to the table and the unbelievable relationship we help you create with your customer base.

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Event Promotion Produced By MGS

Malik Shaheed is a tv host, celebrity interviewer, he contacted us to create his promotionnal material in order to gain a larger public. We expanded his network, reach and all this by matching the quality standards for television presentation.

MGS Montreal Photography Brand Project MGS Montreal Photography Brand Project MGS Montreal Photography Brand Project MGS Montreal Photography Brand Project

Photoshoot campaign produced by MGS

Jason Roua,Co-owner of Field, knew he needed to take his brand on another level when it comes to his visuals. Field is a brand that contacted us to help him build his campaign for their new Fall/Winter Collection. We created a set where diversity & standing out were the main focus.

Visual Ad Campaign produced by MGS

Ashkan, Co-owner of Men Of Honor, decided to let MGS take care of his advertising needs which turned back into an incredible amount of sales and views.Men Of Honor is a brand that contacted us to bring their vision to life. We wanted to showcase their philosophy as a brand and put their high end product to the front. A little Nina Simone mix with beautiful shots in the Old Port of Montreal and we made their dream come true (their sales too!).


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